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If you are a party in a case and are represented by an attorney, please have your attorney schedule the mediation.

Full Day (8 hour) Mediation Availability & Scheduling


Sarah’s Calendar:  Please use the calendars above to see Sarah’s availability.  Please coordinate with opposing counsel/party before scheduling.

How to Schedule:  After coordinating with opposing party/counsel, use one of the links to the right to schedule. If you have questions, please e-mail

Available Time Slots: 

Notice of Mediation:  After receiving your scheduling request, Sarah will e-mail you confirmation that the appointment is on her calendar.  After that, please e-mail Sarah a courtesy copy of your Notice of Mediation to   Please ensure that any Notice of Mediation reflects these times and reflects if the video is by Zoom or in-person.

Half Day (4 hour) Mediation Availability & Scheduling


Zoom Mediations:  Sarah’s mediations are hosted by Zoom (  It is free for participants to download and use on their computers, smart phones, and tablets.  Call-in audio options are available.

If YOU host an In-Person Mediation:  Sarah can travel to your location within Pinellas, Pasco, and Hillsborough Counties.  She may travel to Manatee or Sarasota Counties, please ask.

If SARAH hosts an In-Person Mediation:  Sarah’s office at 1646 W. Snow Ave., Tampa, FL 33606 is a shared co-working space called HydeHouse.  The parties would be seated in the open common seating/work area far apart from each other (it is a very large area) but would not have private conference rooms.  Private conference rooms at HydeHouse are available for an additional cost in addition to Sarah’s hourly fee.   Please ask at the time of scheduling about Sarah hosting the mediation and any inquiries regarding the cost of a private conference room.

Two (2) Hour ZOOM ONLY Mediation Availability & Scheduling


Zoom Mediation Hourly Rate. Sarah’s hourly rate is $300 per hour throughout the mediation.  There is a minimum $600 charge per mediation (2 hour minimum).

In-Person Mediation Hourly Rate: Sarah charges $350/hour throughout the mediation.  There is a minimum $700 fee for each mediation (2 hour minimum).

Default Division of Mediation Fee:  All of Sarah’s mediation fees are equally split between the parties unless otherwise agreed.

Payment of Mediation Fees:  All mediation fees MUST be paid by each party before leaving the mediation.  Sarah accepts payments by debit card, credit card, Zelle (, and Venmo (@Skay-5tpa)


Cancellations:  If you must cancel or re-schedule, please e-mail Sarah at at least 2 business days BEFORE the scheduled start of mediation (weekends and holidays excluded) to avoid a cancellation fee (2 hour minimum).